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Let me tell you about Justin Allen. When we were in the second grade we became friends, we began a friendship over a dinosaur book, and if I'm not mistaken one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish. (I am probably mistaken.) Either way the point is we grew p together looking for fossils, doing NDJ and other odd and assorted things. In short over time we became like brothers. He was always a good guy, at least as good as a guy can be. He had hang-ups and pet peeves like everyone else. Like all children we fussed and quarreled from time to time, and all was resolved eventually. Time marched on and soon enough we turned into adult versions of our children selves and did the same old same old. Day in and out we worked laughed, fought, and rode around together.

In all the years of our friendship I can think of not a thing he did that was so heinous that I wished any ill on him. I wish no ill on him now.


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Jan. 6th, 2010 03:06 am (UTC)
don't recall the Seuss book. faintly recall the dinosaur book... sounds right though. i remember you and Oscar arriving around the same time and me just being blown away that we had two new kids from the same state. yeah, a second grade sense of wonder.

hey, want to get together one last time down on the hill below my house and do some NDJ for old time's sake? lol

good times... the best times.
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