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Dust and Bones

Dust and Bones
Dust and Bones
From our birth till we're grown
Rusty voice and sorrows moan
Stuck in under
Dust and Bones

Dust and Bones
Dust and Bones
Life is lived then its flown
Last pillow a granite stone
Sifled under
Dust and Bones
Sometimes I am tired and just fed up with the way things stack up. Work, bills, family trouble, and even grief, just one more bundle to lay on the stack. I lost my "step"dad last monday. I hadn't been around as much as I wanted, Everything is put on pause instantly, work is there but unconcerning,bills are there but unminded, family squabbles are laid aside, and we all stop finally to remember who we had all in some way or another forgotten. John was a scallawag and a rogue, at least as much he could be, and none of it serious. He was a good man, a hard worker, and he taught me a lot of things some big, some little, some I didn't even realize, but all of it was important.
I didn't break down and sob and weep and howl, but I shed some tears. I'll be fine but its odd how the empty place comes around and reminds you.

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